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Sonja Roth - Line Producer / Production Accountant



Sonja Roth came to Meet the Patels via line producing a segment that met the editing room floor.  Loving film and stories, she signed on to track and account for Meet the Patels to see how the story would end.   Sonja started her film career in NYC as a Set Decorator and Independent Filmmaker. Sonja directed and produced the short film INTERIOR DECORATOR FROM HELL, which went on to festivals in Berlin, London, and across the USA. She is an avid traveler and mother, raising her two sons in Seattle, Hawaii and Los Angeles. Tracking and accounting have enabled Sonja to maintain her connection to film while also raising her sons as a single mother.


Selected Filmography for Production Accounting include:  

    - GO FOR SISTERS directed by John Sayles (2013)

    - 59 MIDDLE LANE by Greg Ammon (2012)


    - FLY AWAY directed by Janet Grillo (2010)

    - LITTLE BIRDS produced by Jaimie Patricof (2009)


Sonja is well versed in managing financial accounts for projects and companies, and organizing and implementing financial responsibilities in complex situations.  She’s held financial positions at both the non-profit Upward Bound House and the renewable energy company Groundworks (formerly Windfinders), but film is her love.


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