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Small film, Big mouths.

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Thanks to all the audience-love, Meet the Patels made it to theaters! The grassroots movement has started. Let's keep the momentum going!

Here's how to join the effort

How would you like to help? Here are some ideas:


  • Write emails to ten friends who haven't heard about the film, send the trailer, and let them know that the MEET THE PATELS is now available and that we promise they will laugh! Include the flyer. (See "MEET THE PATELS FLYER" below.)

  • Hand out flyers at events in your area.

  • Post a note on Facebook to let all your friends know your thoughts on the movie. Include information of where and when it will be showing in your area, a link to where they can buy tickets, and direct them to the trailer. (See "WHAT SHOULD I INCLUDE WHEN I TALK ABOUT MEET THE PATELS" below.)

  • Try to get the information about the film on community lists or any mass emails.

  • Email us about any group or media you think we should contact: news shows, radio show, magazines, local papers!

  • Change your banner on Facebook. Ask your friends to change their banners too. (See "FACEBOOK COVER PHOTO" below.)

  • Have a little extra time to spare and wanna become a community leader in your area? Please let us know!


Meet the Patels Flyer


Facebook Cover Photo


What should I include when I talk about the Meet the Patels?

The synopsis: MEET THE PATELS follows first generation Indian-American Ravi Patel in his search for love as he struggles to find the balance between his Indian heritage and American upbringing. Filmed by Ravi’s sister in what started as a family vacation video, this hilarious and heartbreaking film reveals how love is a family affair.


Link to our trailer:


Include local showtimes: You can find them here.


Hashtag: #MeetThePatels #PatelTakeover


Tag us

  • Twitter: @MeetThePatels

  • Facebook: @MeetThePatelsFilm

  • Instagram: @MeetThePatelsFilm


Key language

  • “A real life romantic comedy’’

  • Sleeper hit of the 2014-15 festival circuit”

  • "The funniest doc I've seen in years and a sure-fire Oscar contender" - Scott Feinberg, The Hollywood Reporter

  • "Riotously Funny" - Variety

  • "A theatrical crowd-pleaser!" -

  • "Charming...and hilarious...authentic and laugh-out-loud funny.’’ - The Examiner


Include our faces:

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